app.yaml: Set api_version "go1".
[kraftakt.git] / kraftakt.go
2018-02-07 Florian ForsterRe-enable signature checking.
2018-02-04 Florian ForsterMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2018-02-04 Florian ForsterLitter the sleep code with debug log entries.
2018-02-02 Florian ForstersleepNotification(): Actually add converted sleep stage...
2018-02-01 Florian ForsterPackage gfit: Change Activity.Type to be a string.
2018-02-01 Florian ForsterAvoid taking a pointer of the loop variable.
2018-02-01 Florian ForsterDisable signature verification due to a problem on...
2018-02-01 Florian ForsterPackage fitbit: Log signatures on failure.
2018-02-01 Florian ForsterImplement sleepNotification() to handle sleep notificat...
2018-01-31 Florian ForsterfitbitDisconnectHandler(): Add call to c.DeleteToken().
2018-01-31 Florian ForsterAlways print an error when reporting an "internal serve...
2018-01-31 Florian ForsterPackage fitbit: Implement UnsubscribeAll() and ListSubs...
2018-01-31 Florian ForsterConnect handlers: don't call {fitbit,gfit}.NewClient().
2018-01-30 Florian ForsterPackage fitbit: Append the collection type to the subsc...
2018-01-30 Florian ForsterLog notification payloads to debug logs.
2018-01-30 Florian ForsterReplace CSRF token with tokens based on the user's ID.
2018-01-30 Florian ForsterDisconnect handler: don't print success message after...
2018-01-30 Florian ForsterUnsubscribe from Fitbit subscriptions individually.
2018-01-30 Florian ForsterImplement a /login handler.
2018-01-30 Florian ForsterUse html/template to generate HTML output.
2018-01-30 Florian ForsterImplement Fitbit and Google Fit disconnect handlers.
2018-01-29 Florian ForsterhandleNotification(): Fix format string.
2018-01-29 Florian ForsterAdd warning message on Fitbit signature mismatch.
2018-01-29 Florian ForsterDon't use context.Background().
2018-01-29 Florian ForsterRead runtime configuration from datastore.
2018-01-28 Florian ForsterRename the "gfitsync" package to "kraftakt".