2005-09-05 octoFixes this bug: master
2005-06-13 octoFixed parsing problem in Parser/Irssi.pm
2005-06-07 octoChanged version/date
2005-06-07 octoGetting ready for 0.8.2
2005-06-06 octoRemoved debug output..
2005-06-06 octoA bug in lib/Onis/Parser/Persistent.pm has been fixed.
2005-05-09 octoFix to not issue a warning..
2005-04-30 octo[16:14] <@_charly__> wenn ich ca 77mb logs auswerte...
2005-04-23 octoMerged specfile changes from tag Release-0.8.1
2005-04-23 octoMerged debian-fixes from tag Release-0.8.1
2005-04-23 octoGetting ready for 0.8.1
2005-04-23 octoThe config options `bar_height' and `bar_width' have...
2005-04-23 octoFixes in the packaging stuff.
2005-04-23 octoChanged stylesheets to use relative scaling for horizon...
2005-04-23 octoUse relative scaling in the main table
2005-04-22 octoReplaced wrong license file (LGPL), replaced with GPL..
2005-04-21 octoAdded some more text to the manpage.
2005-04-21 octoCorrected patching behavior
2005-04-20 octoUpdated TODO file..
2005-04-20 octoMinor fixes so package builds again.
2005-04-20 octoFixed user config: User `ignore' is ignored again.
2005-04-19 octo[23:40] <@_charly__> octo: naja, auf alle faelle hast...
2005-04-18 octoFilled debian/copyright with live.
2005-04-18 octoAdded RPM spec-file.
2005-04-17 octoMerged changes from tag Release-0.8.0
2005-04-17 octoMerged fix for the patch from Release-0.8.0 tag
2005-04-17 octoUpdated version information in README and FAQ
2005-04-17 octoFixed the stylesheets again.. They really need a rewrit...
2005-04-17 octoAdded rule to remove subversion-subdirectories for...
2005-04-17 octoAdded debian package files
2005-04-17 octoRenamed config to onis.conf
2005-04-17 octoAdded no-chdir-patch
2005-04-17 octoA bug in Onis::Users has been fixed.
2005-04-16 octoAdded Longterm-stats to userdetails
2005-04-16 octoAdded POD to Onis::Plugins::Weekdays
2005-04-16 octoAdded information to changelog so I don't forget all...
2005-04-16 octoAdded configuration options to pod in Onis::Users
2005-04-16 octoAdded POD to Onis::Language
2005-04-16 octoAdded POD to Onis::Html
2005-04-16 octoBeautified POD for Onis::Config
2005-04-15 octoCompleted the Longterm Plugin. It seems to drain perfor...
2005-04-15 octoAdded documentation to the Interestingnumbers, Bignumbe...
2005-04-14 octoThe Bignumbers plugin now only displays Nicks that...
2005-04-14 octoMerged branches/db-store back into trunk
2005-04-14 charlyDirectory for contrib stuff
2005-04-14 octo- Fixes in the new Weekdays Plugin
2005-04-14 octoThe Weeksdays plugin has been tested and works as wante...
2005-04-14 octoAdded Weekdays-Plugin. Not tested yet..
2005-04-14 octoRemoved duplicated entry for GDBM from Onis::Data:...
2005-04-13 octoFixed bug in Onis::Plugins::Interestingnumbers
2005-04-13 octoFixed major bug in Onis::Data::Core..
2005-04-13 octo- Added lines-counter again.
2005-04-13 octofoo
2005-04-13 octo- Documented new config options in the config file
2005-04-12 octoAdded documentation about config options to lib/Onis...
2005-04-12 octo- Added minor check for very silent persons in lib...
2005-04-12 octoMoved to a pseudo-tie interface. Hopefully this works..
2005-04-12 octoWork on Dbm stuff coninues.. Not done yet though..
2005-04-12 octoGdbm renamed to Dbm
2005-04-12 octoChecking in before renaming to Dbm.pm
2005-04-12 octoAdded Onis::Data::Persistent::Gdbm, changed default...
2005-04-12 octoAdded Onis::Data::Persistency::Storable.. Not yet teste...
2005-04-12 octoFixed Bignumbers Plugin
2005-04-12 octoMore bugfixes..
2005-04-12 octoMany many fixes. This version is actually kind of useable.
2005-04-11 octoMany fixes.. Many bugs left..
2005-04-11 octoFirst runnable version. Still many bugs. To be continued..
2005-04-11 octoAdded export-function to Interestingnumbers.
2005-04-11 octoSome more work on Userdetails has been done, still...
2005-04-11 octoSome work on Userdetails, minor changes/fixes in Core...
2005-04-11 octoConverted Onis::Plugins::Interestingnumbers
2005-04-10 octoOnis::Plugins::{Userdetails,Interestingnumbers} have...
2005-04-10 octoConverted Onis::Plugins::Topics
2005-04-10 octoConverted Onis::Plugins::Urls.
2005-04-10 octoConverted Onis::Plugins::Nicks
2005-04-10 octoImplemented ``del'' as required by the interface.
2005-04-10 octoCompleted specification: Added ``del'' method.
2005-04-10 octoConverted Onis::Plugins::Words
2005-04-10 octoOnis::Plugins::Bignumbers now displays (user)names...
2005-04-10 octoAdded get_core_nick_counters to Onis::Plugins::Core
2005-04-10 octoOnis::Plugins::Conversations has mostly been rewritten.
2005-04-10 octoFixed syntactic errors in Onis::Plugins::Core, Onis...
2005-04-10 octoMerged main onis file from trunk.
2005-04-10 octoPlugins::Core might work again. Heading to other stuff...
2005-04-10 octoMore fixes to work again. This is going to be so much...
2005-04-10 octoSome work on Onis::Plugins::Core to prepare for the...
2005-04-09 octoRewrite of calculate_nicks in Onis::Data::Core
2005-04-09 octoMade Onis::Users consistent with new naming convention...
2005-04-09 octoFirst major changes to Data::Core. store, unsharp and...
2005-04-09 octoMerged Data::Core from branch db-store
2005-04-09 octoAdded documentation for Data::Core..
2005-04-08 octoAdded automatic revision making..
2005-04-08 octoA first, simple implementation of Persistent::None..
2005-04-08 octoMerged r14:17 of trunk to branch..
2005-04-07 octo[23:43] < nOOgz> ok. waere evtl. verstaendlicher wenn...
2005-04-07 octoAdding missing users.conf
2005-04-07 octoJust a quick fix to surpress warnings..
2005-04-07 octoChanged - maybe more versions work now..
2005-04-07 octoAdded description for $data->keys ()
2005-04-07 octoFirst try to design a new interface for persistent...