2016-10-19 Florian ForsterRelicense to ISC License. master
2013-07-24 Florian Forstersrc/ros.c: Use the "host" variable.
2013-07-24 Florian Forstersrc/ros.c: Check the return value of fgets().
2010-03-29 Florian ForsterBump version to 1.1.2 and update ChangeLog. librouteros-1.1.2
2010-03-29 Florian Forsterros_connect, create_socket: Free (struct addrinfo *).
2010-03-29 Florian Forsterros_query, ros_free: Free (ros_reply_t *)->status.
2010-01-04 Florian ForsterUpdated ChangeLog; Bumped version to 1.1.1 librouteros-1.1.1
2010-01-04 Florian Forstersrc/ros.c: Storage sizes are now bytes, convert frequen...
2010-01-04 Florian Forstersrc/system_resource.c: Convert kilbytes to bytes and...
2009-12-25 Florian ForsterUpdated ChangeLog; Bumped version to 1.1.0 librouteros-1.1.0
2009-12-25 Florian Forstersrc/routeros_api.h: Whitespace fix: Use tabs for indent...
2009-12-25 Florian Forstersrc/ros.c: Add options and versioning information to...
2009-12-25 Florian Forsterlibrouteros(3): Add information about versioning.
2009-12-25 Florian Forsterros(1): Add information about the "system-resource...
2009-12-23 Florian Forsterlibrouteros(3): Added documentation for "system resource".
2009-12-23 Florian Forstersrc/{ros.c,system_resource.c}: Add support for the...
2009-12-23 Florian Forstersrc/ros_parse.[ch]: Added functions to parse the uptime...
2009-12-23 Florian Forstersrc/ros.c: Added the “system-resource” high-level command.
2009-12-23 Florian ForsterImplemented "ros_system_resource", a high-level interfa...
2009-12-22 Florian ForsterUpdated ChangeLog; Bumped version to 1.0.1 librouteros-1.0.1
2009-12-22 Florian ForsterMerge remote branch 'origin/master'
2009-12-22 Florian Forstersrc/main.c: Sanity check the arguments to ros_query.
2009-12-22 Florian Forstersrc/routeros_api.h: Include <stdbool.h> when compiled...
2009-12-18 Florian ForsterBumped version to 1.0.0 and updated ChangeLog. librouteros-1.0.0
2009-12-18 Florian ForsterUse __attribute__((unused)) when compiling with GCC.
2009-12-18 Florian ForsterFix a couple of compiler warnings.
2009-11-27 Florian Bump API and ABI versions. librouteros-0.2.0
2009-11-27 Florian Forstersrc/ Only export symbols matching "^ros_".
2009-11-27 Florian ForsterChangeLog: Updated to version 0.2.0.
2009-11-27 Florian Forstersrc/ros.c: Add information about radio_name and ap...
2009-11-27 Florian Forster"registration-table" interface: Add "radio-name", ...
2009-11-27 Florian Forstersrc/ros_parse.[ch]: Move parsing functions into a separ...
2009-11-27 Florian Forsterlibrouteros(3): Fix a typo.
2009-11-27 Florian Forsterros(1): Added manpage for “ros”.
2009-11-27 Florian Forsterlibrouteros(3): Added some details about the semantic...
2009-11-27 Florian Forsterdoc/librouteros.pod: Added information about the "regis...
2009-11-26 Florian Forsterdoc/librouteros.pod: Describe the high level "interface...
2009-11-26 Florian Forstersrc/routeros_api.h: Make next pointers `const'.
2009-11-26 Florian Forstersrc/ros.c: Add support for the high-level interface...
2009-11-26 Florian ForsterAdded high-level interface for "/interface/print".
2009-11-26 Florian ForsterAdd “ros”, a small sample command line tool.
2009-11-26 Florian ForsterInclude "config.h" rather than <config.h>.
2009-11-26 Florian Forstersrc/routeros_api.h: Include stdint.h / inttypes.h for...
2009-11-26 Florian ForsterAdded first high-level interface for the registration...
2009-11-25 Florian ForsterChangeLog: Added release 0.1.0. librouteros-0.1.0
2009-11-25 Florian Change initial version to "0.1.0".
2009-11-25 Florian Forsterdoc/: Add for building and installing the...
2009-11-25 Florian Forsterdoc/librouteros.pod: Added first draft of a manpage.
2009-11-25 Florian Abort if gcrypt.h is not available.
2009-11-25 Florian Forstersrc/{,main.c}: Use the debugging as determin...
2009-11-25 Florian ForsterAUTHORS: Initialized file.
2009-11-25 Florian Forstersrc/main.c: Let ros_connect fail if logging in returns...
2009-11-25 Florian ForsterREADME: Wrote initial file.
2009-11-25 Florian ForsterSource files: s/libmikrotik/librouteros/
2009-11-25 Florian ForsterAdd compiletime and runtime versioning information.
2009-11-25 Florian Forstersrc/routeros_api.h: Add «extern "C"» for C++ programs.
2009-11-25 Florian Forstersrc/routeros_api.h: Protect against multiple inclusions.
2009-11-25 Florian ForsterChanged all prefixes: s/\<mt_/ros_/g
2009-11-19 Florian Forsterautotoolize.
2009-11-19 Florian ForsterFixed a nasty typo when calculating word length.
2009-11-19 Florian ForsterLogin handlers: Check status code of replies.
2009-11-19 Florian ForsterImplemented handling of multi-sentences replies.
2009-11-19 Florian ForsterAdded debugging statements to the send_command function.
2009-11-19 Florian ForsterImplemented the "reply_dump" function.
2009-11-19 Florian ForsterImplemented "login" handlers.
2009-11-19 Florian ForsterAdded the mt_reply_status function.
2009-11-19 Florian ForsterIntroduce the "mt_debug" macro.
2009-11-19 Florian ForsterFix a few simply typos.
2009-11-19 Florian ForsterImplemented connecting and improved parsing.
2009-11-18 Florian ForsterInitial commit.