the legend string of a PRINT command gets renderd later by runnning
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2005-02-13 oetikerlet rrd_graph return the actual value range it picked ...
2004-09-24 oetikermisc fixed and TREND and reduce functionality by
2004-08-24 oetikerCDEF operators SHIFT, SQRT, SORT, and REV (reverse...
2004-07-14 oetikeradded Peter Speck
2004-05-25 oetikeradded some contributors
2004-05-18 oetikerbig spell checking patch --
2003-02-12 oetikerimproved dist target -- Peter Stamfest <>
2003-01-25 oetikeradded function (--no-minor) to turn off minor gridlines...
2002-05-07 oetikernew command rrdtool xport integrated
2002-01-15 oetikerThe BIG graph update
2001-02-25 oetikerInitial revision