started updating for 1.2 release
[rrdtool.git] /
2005-04-06 oetikerprep for 1.2rc4 release
2004-05-03 oetiker* Allows rrdtool 1.1.x (2004-04-29) to compile on freebsd.
2004-01-19 oetikermisc fixes to get rrdtool working without included...
2003-02-13 oetikerFind attached the patch I promised to send to you....
2002-01-15 oetikerThe BIG graph update
2001-03-31 oetikeradded 'all' dependancy to site-perl-install rule as...
2001-02-25 oetikerfixed compile order ... src before bindings
2001-02-25 oetikerInitial revision