started updating for 1.2 release
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2005-04-10 oetikerstarted updating for 1.2 release
2005-04-04 oetikerget ready for 1.2
2004-05-18 oetikerbig spell checking patch --
2004-01-19 oetikermisc fixes to get rrdtool working without included...
2002-04-01 oetikermerged svg update
2002-03-23 alexModified rrd_graph
2002-01-15 oetikerThe BIG graph update
2001-07-26 alexAnnounce of VDEF in rrd_graph
2001-05-09 oetikerBug fix: when update of multiple PDP/CDP RRAs coincided
2001-03-10 oetikerSupport for COMPUTE data sources (CDEF data sources...
2001-03-07 oetikercomplete rewrite of rrdgraph documentation. This also...
2001-03-04 oetikerfidex jackes adderss
2001-03-04 oetikerAberrant Behavior Detection support. A brief overview...