Attached a patch for the rrd-tool LIBDBI integration with the following improvements:
[rrdtool.git] / README
2007-05-23 oetikernew trunk based on current 1.2
2007-05-02 oetikerfixed old urls in code
2006-05-04 oetikerfix my mail address
2005-05-08 oetikersync with reality
2005-04-04 oetikerget ready for 1.2
2005-04-03 oetikerupdate build instructions and configure output.
2005-03-10 oetiker* Updated perl compile system. It now uses Makefile...
2004-05-18 oetikerbig spell checking patch --
2004-01-19 oetikermisc fixes to get rrdtool working without included...
2001-02-25 oetikerInitial revision