Attached a patch for the rrd-tool LIBDBI integration with the following improvements:
[rrdtool.git] / examples /
2007-09-07 oetikera few leanups -- Bernhard Fischer
2007-08-29 oetikera better performance tester
2007-05-29 oetikerMore updates from Bernhard Fischer
2007-05-25 oetikerUpdates from Bernhard Fischer rep dot nop gmail com
2007-05-23 oetikernew trunk based on current 1.2
2007-05-17 oetikernew better ? performance test ... work in progress
2007-03-11 oetikerdo not use gnuisms in Makefile rules ($<)
2006-10-27 oetikeruse integer time
2006-10-26 oetikeradded perftest tool
2006-09-17 oetikerfix generation of cgi-demo.cgi -- Peter Breitenlohner...
2005-10-11 oetikerfix file generation
2005-10-11 oetikerdie on error! -- Alex
2005-10-11 oetikerthe images should be written to the current directory...
2005-08-27 oetikerthe rrdtool binary one more level up the path ...
2005-08-27 oetikerupdate for new prefix setting
2005-06-28 oetiker* the makefiles should not depend on gnumake features
2005-06-11 oetikerinstall examples in an rrdtool specific subdirectory...
2005-03-10 oetiker* Updated perl compile system. It now uses Makefile...
2005-03-03 oetikerignorelists are a propperty of an svn directory not...
2004-05-25 oetikerThe counter was the only variable which needed to be...
2004-05-18 oetikeradd 4chars and fix two examples -- Mike Slifcak <slif...
2003-02-24 oetikerfix for : in piped demo
2003-02-21 oetikercolons must be escaped
2003-01-25 oetikeradded function (--no-minor) to turn off minor gridlines...
2002-05-07 oetikernew command rrdtool xport integrated
2002-04-24 oetikerfixed setlocale issues
2002-04-07 oetiker3 patches, #3 depends on #1 as EPS uses AFM for stringw...
2002-04-06 alexRemoved references to GIF
2002-03-12 oetikerupdated
2002-02-18 oetikeradded autotools version check to MakeMakefiles
2002-01-31 oetikerallow use of libraries already installed on the system
2002-01-15 oetikerThe BIG graph update
2001-03-04 oetikeranother do not report Makefile and
2001-02-25 oetikerInitial revision