fix off by 1 error
[rrdtool.git] / netware /
2008-06-08 oetikerFrom: Sebastian Harl sh
2007-05-23 oetikernew trunk based on current 1.2
2007-05-01 oetikerupdated win32 and netware Makefiles -- Guenter Knauf
2007-03-11 oetikerfix netware and win32 makefiles for new getopt names
2007-03-11 oetikeruse Guenters latest Netware Makefile ...
2007-02-09 oetikermore build patches from G√ľnter Knauf
2007-02-08 oetikerupdates for Win32 and NW Makefiles -- Guenter Knauf
2007-01-17 oetikerfinish integration of lastupdate commmand ...
2006-09-18 oetikerfix faild netware makefile merge -- Guenter Knauf
2006-09-17 oetikermake rrdtool use rrd_config.h instead of config.h since...
2006-09-10 oetikernetware und win32 fixes from guenter
2006-09-05 oetikerput all the architecture specific stuff in separate...