* we are now creating true RGBA pngs
[rrdtool.git] / src / Makefile.am
2005-04-11 oetiker* we are now creating true RGBA pngs
2005-04-10 oetikermake --disable-perl work
2005-03-13 oetikerntconfig is no more
2005-03-12 oetikerrrd_first code contributed by Burton Strauss <Burton...
2005-03-04 oetikerBig autotool update:
2004-06-23 oetikerreverted ... $< does not work
2004-06-22 oetikerThe "$^" variable is GNU make-specific, and fails to...
2004-05-18 oetikerfix library numbering -- Mike Slifcak
2004-05-03 oetiker* Allows rrdtool 1.1.x (2004-04-29) to compile on freebsd.
2004-01-19 oetikermodifications for 'no more local libaries'
2003-07-28 oetikerI was just taking a look at the development RRDtool...
2003-02-22 oetikera patch to avoid a memory leak and a Makefile.am patch to
2003-02-20 oetikermake the threading work and compile, fix linking to...
2003-02-20 oetikerupdated copyrigh dates
2003-02-13 oetikerFind attached the patch I promised to send to you....
2003-02-12 oetikerimproved dist target -- Peter Stamfest <peter@stamfest.at>
2002-06-23 alexAdded "step=1800" and such to "DEF"
2002-05-07 oetikernew command rrdtool xport integrated
2002-04-07 oetiker3 patches, #3 depends on #1 as EPS uses AFM for stringw...
2002-03-23 oetikerremove all traces of GIF and make PNG the default
2002-01-31 oetikerallow use of libraries already installed on the system
2002-01-15 oetikerThe BIG graph update
2001-07-26 alexAdded rrd_graph_helper
2001-03-10 oetikerSupport for COMPUTE data sources (CDEF data sources...
2001-03-04 oetikerAberrant Behavior Detection support. A brief overview...
2001-02-25 oetikerInitial revision