2008-02-21 oetikermake inbternationalized version actually build
2008-02-21 oetikeradded missing bits from internationalization
2008-02-19 oetikerGenerate a random cur_row for each RRA during
2008-02-18 oetikerAdded I18N support for messages printed by rrd_tool...
2008-02-15 oetikercheck for pdf as well
2008-02-15 oetikercheck for cairo-ps and cairo-svg explicitly
2008-02-06 oetikerready for beta 4
2008-02-06 oetiker* replaced strtok with strtok_r for thread safety
2008-02-04 oetikerin rrd_create we do not use mmaping and thus need to...
2008-02-04 oetikerthis should help with the memory leak
2008-02-04 oetikeradded zpl 2.1 to floss exception
2008-02-01 oetikerfixed parsing of fontnames with embeded spaces
2008-01-14 oetikerremove c++ warnings flag .. this is not c++ after all
2008-01-14 oetikerfixed indenting
2008-01-14 oetikerfix indents
2008-01-14 oetiker* fixed madvise/fadvise detection
2008-01-12 oetikerweekday and time are too tight
2008-01-04 oetikerfontmap resolution was not matching scaled_font resolut...
2008-01-03 oetikerget rid of DASHED, only use dashes syntax. less redunda...
2008-01-02 oetikersupport for dashed lines in graphs
2008-01-02 oetikerfix indenting
2008-01-02 oetikerignore errors with txt doc building
2007-12-11 oetikerbuilding the docs depends on the presence of pod2man...
2007-12-08 oetikeradded shared library locations into the docs
2007-12-08 oetikerinclude stdlib since putenv is in there on solaris
2007-12-08 oetikerfixing solaris portability
2007-11-26 oetikerfix libdir for python build
2007-11-21 oetikerfixed NetBSD spelling
2007-11-21 oetikerdefine bsd source to get access to chroot
2007-11-21 oetikermake perlbuild more portable
2007-11-20 oetikerenable madvise defines in netbsd
2007-11-20 oetikerremove last traces of rrd_nan_inf.h
2007-11-15 oetikerre-indented files that have gone out of indent-style...
2007-11-15 oetikerintegrate rrd_nan_inf header
2007-11-15 oetikerImprove layout of documentation. -- Bernhard Fischer
2007-11-15 oetiker* rrd_update(): Unify error path.
2007-11-15 oetikermake sure this compiles with aix
2007-11-08 oetikerfixed start end time in ruby fetch and added step size...
2007-11-06 oetikerupdated build instructions
2007-11-04 oetikerhandle errors properly ... in RRDp read call
2007-09-16 oetikerno reason to die when posixfadvise is not sucessful
2007-09-11 oetikerAllow to the the smoothing window size other thatn...
2007-09-11 oetikeradded msync before unmap
2007-09-08 oetikeradded STDEV aggregation function for VDEF. -- Patrick...
2007-09-07 oetikera few leanups -- Bernhard Fischer
2007-09-06 oetikeradded missing ;
2007-09-06 oetiker* mimic write() and read() even better -- Bernhard...
2007-09-06 oetikerrrd_open.c (rrd_read): Mimicing read() behaviour for...
2007-09-02 oetikerfixed speling of horizon
2007-08-29 oetikera better performance tester
2007-08-16 oetikeradded holt winters example back into the examples docum...
2007-08-14 oetikerFix for HoltWinters phase-shift bug described below.
2007-08-13 oetikerRefactored rrd_update code in preparation of finding...
2007-08-07 oetikerupdated build instructions for 1.3
2007-08-03 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.2.99907080300
2007-08-03 oetikerremove some things we do not need anymore in 1.3
2007-08-03 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.2.99907080300
2007-08-03 oetikerprepare for 1.3 beta 1
2007-08-03 oetikercontinue with the revision numbering
2007-08-03 oetikeradded notes on pango inline formatting
2007-08-01 oetikeronly release cairo stuff if we ever initialized it.
2007-08-01 oetikerfix for 64bit portability problem ... unsigned long...
2007-07-31 oetikerreindented
2007-07-25 oetikerfixed indenting
2007-07-25 oetikermake sure we check input even when the previous update...
2007-07-22 oetikernew consolidation functions must be added last or this...
2007-07-22 oetikerdon't force data out ... let cache management do this
2007-07-22 oetikerOnly create version 4 rrd files if the new holtwinters...
2007-07-21 oetiker* remove some experimental code from rrd_open
2007-07-21 oetikerfor now, do not release fetched data ... in the future...
2007-07-21 oetikerthe fonts are now taken from the system. we do not...
2007-07-21 oetikernot on update rrd version
2007-07-20 oetikerwe have a new holtwinders aggregation fucntion, so...
2007-07-20 oetikercheck for fadvise all the time
2007-07-20 oetikerbetter docs on the aggregate functions
2007-07-18 oetikeradded note on locale
2007-07-18 oetikersome more piechart removed
2007-07-18 oetikermake sure all ascii to float parsing uses LC_NUMERIC...
2007-07-18 oetiker* rrd_open: rrd_close does not purge file from cache
2007-07-17 oetikeradded comment on float cookie
2007-07-16 oetikerfix for fetch in ruby bindings and support for info...
2007-07-12 oetikerimprove wording
2007-07-12 oetikerfix tcl build settup
2007-07-11 oetikerusr rrd_free for freeing the rrd structs ... vito caputo
2007-07-05 oetikerprevent potential segfaults on boxes where time_t is...
2007-06-18 oetikerfix indentation
2007-06-18 oetikerBernhard Fischer:
2007-06-16 oetikerBernhard is not Benrard
2007-06-15 oetikernotes on evans contribs
2007-06-15 oetikerrrdtool.spec from Jarod "redhat" Wilson
2007-06-15 oetikerupdated contributors
2007-06-15 oetikeradded note on TEXTALIGN
2007-06-15 oetikerThere are two popular variants of the Holt-Winters...
2007-06-15 oetikeroops missed to update the in memory output interface...
2007-06-15 oetikeradded interface to get rendered image via a pointer...
2007-06-15 oetikerimprove fontnaming
2007-06-14 oetikerfixed indentation
2007-06-14 oetikeradded TEXTALIGN command to change the default text...
2007-06-13 oetikerfixed tcl includes
2007-06-13 oetikerbe more helpful when raising rb_eTypeError in string_ar...