2008-05-26 oetikeradded notes about new grid lines
2008-05-26 oetiker* make y-axis labels NOT run into each other (classic...
2008-05-25 oetikerfixed calculation of space at the bottom of the graph
2008-05-25 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.3rc5
2008-05-25 oetikerfix update compatibility with rrd-1.0.x files
2008-05-20 oetikerdroped rrd_extra.h from the distro with the python...
2008-05-19 oetikerfixed python bindings:
2008-05-18 oetiker* document tabwidth option
2008-05-18 oetikerytr boundery checking ... this is from the GD days...
2008-05-18 oetikerfix indenting
2008-05-18 oetikerpdf, svg and ps formats were not being created
2008-05-18 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.3rc4
2008-05-18 oetikerfix year
2008-05-18 oetikerPRINT returns from rrd_graph did not work due to an...
2008-05-18 oetikerupdated build instructions to latest libraries
2008-05-18 oetikerimproved handling of libintl issues
2008-05-16 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.3rc3
2008-05-16 oetikeradded --no-header to documentation and fixed implementation
2008-05-16 oetikerfixed dump_opt implementation
2008-05-16 oetikeradded no-header option to rrd_dump
2008-05-16 oetikerfix handling of values <= zero for logarithmic display
2008-05-15 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.3rc2
2008-05-15 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.3rc2
2008-05-15 oetikerfix portability to mac osx and freebsd -- tobi
2008-05-12 oetikeradd solaris pod2man location last
2008-05-12 oetikersome changes to make things work on opensolaris 2008.05
2008-05-12 oetikerfor some reason tclrrd.c does not get picked up using...
2008-05-12 oetikerallow rrd_rpncalc to build without cairo dependencies ...
2008-05-12 oetikeradd intltool*in files to dist
2008-05-12 oetikerfixed indenting
2008-05-12 oetikerremoved c++ comments //
2008-05-12 oetikeradded notes about rewrites in this release
2008-05-12 oetikerimproved handling of library versioning
2008-05-12 oetikershould not leave debug enabled
2008-05-12 oetikerFixed handling of unknown data at PDP build time. There...
2008-05-12 oetikerthe last_ds value fuer unknown is 'U' and not 'UNKN'
2008-05-04 oetikerfix for sun sudio 11 incompatibility netbsd.org/cgi...
2008-05-01 oetikerindenting fixes
2008-05-01 oetikermake sure properties are shown via graph_v even in...
2008-05-01 oetikerMake the MakeMakefile script a bit more robust
2008-04-22 oetikerfix for #148
2008-04-20 oetikerIntroduced a alternated interface to rrd_graph using...
2008-04-17 oetikerindent fix
2008-04-17 oetikerdo not reset the last_ds store unless the data source...
2008-04-16 oetikerfixed 2. x-grid example ... since the lable is valid...
2008-04-12 oetikeralter order of header inclusion for FreeBSD 4.8 compati...
2008-04-12 oetikerdo not mess with dst status after running localtime...
2008-03-25 oetikeradded missing " escapes to xml header in rrd_tool.c
2008-03-25 oetikeradded Florian octo Forster to contrib list
2008-03-25 oetikeradded missing =back for propper pod syntax
2008-03-25 oetikerfix indent
2008-03-25 oetikerfix broken header comment section -- Florian octo Forster
2008-03-25 oetikercast size_t to int to avoid warning -- Florian octo...
2008-03-25 oetikerdo not declare DEBUG functions unless compiled in DEBUG...
2008-03-25 oetikermake helptexts read only memory
2008-03-25 oetikerstop complaints about unused variables if not running...
2008-03-25 oetikerAdded check for intltool version.
2008-03-23 oetikeradded pointer to florian forsters dtd to the rrd dumpt
2008-03-19 oetikerfix pkgconfig file name
2008-03-15 oetikerreindent
2008-03-15 oetikerreat nan as FALSE in an IF CDEF
2008-03-07 oetikera nan-safe add operator (ADDNAN) into rrd. I used it...
2008-03-02 oetikerFix error "cairo_restore without matching cairo_save...
2008-02-25 oetikerIgnore RRA-end when comparing. coverage.
2008-02-24 oetikerfix indents gone out of kileter by patching ...
2008-02-24 oetikerget rid of a few type cast warnings
2008-02-24 oetikerfix one segfault while trying to restore an invalid...
2008-02-21 oetikermake ruby obey destdir
2008-02-21 oetikerinitial
2008-02-21 oetikermake inbternationalized version actually build
2008-02-21 oetikeradded missing bits from internationalization
2008-02-19 oetikerGenerate a random cur_row for each RRA during
2008-02-18 oetikerAdded I18N support for messages printed by rrd_tool...
2008-02-15 oetikercheck for pdf as well
2008-02-15 oetikercheck for cairo-ps and cairo-svg explicitly
2008-02-06 oetikerready for beta 4
2008-02-06 oetiker* replaced strtok with strtok_r for thread safety
2008-02-04 oetikerin rrd_create we do not use mmaping and thus need to...
2008-02-04 oetikerthis should help with the memory leak
2008-02-04 oetikeradded zpl 2.1 to floss exception
2008-02-01 oetikerfixed parsing of fontnames with embeded spaces
2008-01-14 oetikerremove c++ warnings flag .. this is not c++ after all
2008-01-14 oetikerfixed indenting
2008-01-14 oetikerfix indents
2008-01-14 oetiker* fixed madvise/fadvise detection
2008-01-12 oetikerweekday and time are too tight
2008-01-04 oetikerfontmap resolution was not matching scaled_font resolut...
2008-01-03 oetikerget rid of DASHED, only use dashes syntax. less redunda...
2008-01-02 oetikersupport for dashed lines in graphs
2008-01-02 oetikerfix indenting
2008-01-02 oetikerignore errors with txt doc building
2007-12-11 oetikerbuilding the docs depends on the presence of pod2man...
2007-12-08 oetikeradded shared library locations into the docs
2007-12-08 oetikerinclude stdlib since putenv is in there on solaris
2007-12-08 oetikerfixing solaris portability
2007-11-26 oetikerfix libdir for python build
2007-11-21 oetikerfixed NetBSD spelling
2007-11-21 oetikerdefine bsd source to get access to chroot
2007-11-21 oetikermake perlbuild more portable
2007-11-20 oetikerenable madvise defines in netbsd