2002-03-23 alexModified rrd_graph
2002-03-23 alexChanges in rrd_graph; see NEWS
2002-03-23 oetikerremoved reference to GIF
2002-03-23 oetikerremove all traces of GIF and make PNG the default
2002-03-23 oetikerMove CDEF start pointers if start of cdef is a step...
2002-03-21 oetikerfixed color area in legend and fixed color area in...
2002-03-21 alexPie charts didn't have anti-aliasing; building them...
2002-03-20 oetikerfixed longstanding bug affection CDEFS where values...
2002-03-17 alexChanged the way circle sections are drawn.
2002-03-13 alexNew, hopefully better, implementation of PART drawing
2002-03-12 oetikerrealy remove zlibe 1.1.3 dir
2002-03-12 oetikerupdated
2002-03-12 oetikerignore generated files
2002-03-12 oetikermissing bits
2002-03-12 oetikerupdated to zlib 1.1.4
2002-03-12 oetikerreplace zlib 1.1.3 with zlib 1.1.4
2002-03-10 alexPie chart support added to rrdtool graph
2002-03-10 oetikeradded quotes to echo
2002-03-10 alexRealigned function rpn_calc()
2002-03-10 alexFixed some typos/errors
2002-03-10 alexUsing the font option resulted in a segfault. Needs...
2002-03-10 alexAdded NE and ISINF operands to RPN
2002-03-10 oetikerbetter version check
2002-03-08 alexNeeded to escape a wildcard
2002-03-08 alexFixed some typos
2002-02-18 oetikeradded autotools version check to MakeMakefiles
2002-02-09 oetikerdo propper error checking and release memmory when...
2002-02-08 oetikerallow rrd_cgi to deal with umlauts -- Alexander Schwart...
2002-02-03 oetikerfixed spelling
2002-02-02 oetikerfixed data pointer storage
2002-02-01 oetikerfixed version number and date/time
2002-02-01 oetiker*** empty log message ***
2002-01-31 oetikerthis file and all the external libraries configurabilit...
2002-01-31 oetikerallow use of libraries already installed on the system
2002-01-31 oetikermake "18:00 yesterday" work Pavel Mores <pvl@uh.cz>
2002-01-31 oetikerweeknumber is not %V which is more appropriate than %W
2002-01-31 oetikercopy ltmain.sh
2002-01-17 oetikerthis also
2002-01-17 oetikerthis is not needed anymore
2002-01-17 oetikerkilling remains
2002-01-16 oetikeradded places for download
2002-01-15 oetikerignore irrelevant things
2002-01-15 oetikeradded new .cvsignore files
2002-01-15 oetikerThe BIG graph update
2002-01-04 alexReworked rrd_graph_script()
2001-12-24 alexA patch of size 44Kbytes... in short:
2001-12-22 alexSomehow eight lines were missing from function rrd_graph().
2001-12-17 oetikerfix overflow error ...
2001-12-11 jakeFixed uninitialized ptr causing seg fault invoking...
2001-11-18 oetikerreturn "" instead of NULL for <RRD::GETENV UNKNOWN_VARI...
2001-11-17 oetikerfixed path to mkinstalldirs -- Laurent Saehyun Kim...
2001-09-08 oetikerspelling updates by Martin Schulze <joey@finlandia...
2001-08-22 jakeContents of this patch:
2001-08-13 oetikerspell fix for si units (only in comments)
2001-07-28 alexRemoving rrdgraph*.pod from the cvs
2001-07-28 alexEdited Makefile.am and the rrdgraph_*.src files. By...
2001-07-26 alexSupporting functions for rrd_graph. Functions that...
2001-07-26 alexMoved most typedefs etc. from rrd_graph.c to this file
2001-07-26 alexAdded VDEF TOTAL
2001-07-26 alexAdded rrd_graph_helper
2001-07-26 alexUpdated for VDEF TOTAL
2001-07-26 alexAnnounce of VDEF in rrd_graph
2001-07-21 alexMade PRINT and GPRINT aware of VDEF statements
2001-07-20 oetikermissing documentation ... -- Alex van den Bogaerdt...
2001-07-20 oetikeronly a comment
2001-07-20 oetikersmall fixes -- Alex van den Bogaerdt <alex@slot.holland...
2001-07-18 oetikerVDEF and VRULE are comig along -- Alex van den Bogaerdt...
2001-06-05 oetikerspell fix
2001-05-09 oetikerBug fix: when update of multiple PDP/CDP RRAs coincided
2001-03-31 oetikeradded 'all' dependancy to site-perl-install rule as...
2001-03-15 oetikeradded PROJECTS file
2001-03-11 oetikerreindented
2001-03-11 oetikerreindented the cource for better readability
2001-03-10 oetikerSupport for COMPUTE data sources (CDEF data sources...
2001-03-07 oetikercomplete rewrite of rrdgraph documentation. This also...
2001-03-04 oetikerfidex jackes adderss
2001-03-04 oetikeradded note on counter vs derive -- Don BAARDA <don...
2001-03-04 oetikerAberrant Behavior Detection support. A brief overview...
2001-03-04 oetikeranother do not report Makefile and Makefile.in
2001-03-04 oetikerthis file has no purpose
2001-03-04 oetikerrrdupdate is a generated file it has no place in cvs
2001-03-04 oetikerrepository cleanup
2001-03-04 oetikeradded at-style-time@value:value syntax to rrd_update
2001-03-04 oetikerfixed filedescriptor leak
2001-03-02 oetikeradded test for hpux. if matched, compile zlib with...
2001-03-01 oetikeradded check for the presence of the compiler used to...
2001-02-25 oetikerthey do not belong into cvs ad they are autogenerated
2001-02-25 oetikerFixed ln for modules
2001-02-25 oetikerfixed compile order ... src before bindings
2001-02-25 oetikerInitial revision