2015-03-22 Ingo RuhnkeUpdated addon repository URL and improved debug output... master
2015-03-22 Max minor formatting cleanups
2015-03-22 Max TeufelMove COPYING to LICENSE
2015-03-22 Max Teufel.travis.yml: only use 3 threads for make
2015-03-22 Sydney Dykstra Add a couple grey castle tiles to ST castle inventory.
2015-03-22 LMHSet countMe flag to false for headless snomen
2015-03-22 Tobias MarkusRemove last patch since it has undone some of the previ...
2015-03-22 Tobias MarkusFix for syntax errors
2015-03-21 Tobias MarkusA few fixes for Squirrel unchecked return values
2015-03-21 Sydney DykstraChange music fade-in time
2015-03-20 Tobias MarkusFix music not properly fading in again
2015-03-20 Tobias MarkusFix cmake download path
2015-03-19 Tobias MarkusRevert "Load audio earlier in the process. Might save...
2015-03-19 Sydney DykstraFix incubator island, fix level in bonus island 2
2015-03-19 Tobias MarkusRemove levels from Incubator island worldmap that have...
2015-03-19 Tobias MarkusConst'ify methods in sector.cpp
2015-03-19 Tobias MarkusFix crash on ESC press when no music is playing
2015-03-17 Tobias MarkusUpdate CMake to 3.2.1 in .travis.yml
2015-03-17 Tobias MarkusCandle property warning to debug
2015-03-17 Tobias MarkusStop music, so that its handle can be freed, before...
2015-03-17 Tobias MarkusConstify a couple more methods
2015-03-17 Tobias MarkusFix for correct music playing after dying in a differen...
2015-03-17 Tobias MarkusExclude end sequence from focus lose code
2015-03-17 Tobias MarkusOnly pause game on focus lose when game session is...
2015-03-16 Tobias MarkusLoad audio earlier in the process. Might save us some...
2015-03-16 Tobias MarkusPause the game when window loses focus, fixes #513
2015-03-16 Tobias MarkusFade out and pause music on death and resume on restart...
2015-03-16 Tobias MarkusCheck return value of some lisp.get calls
2015-03-15 Tobias MarkusMerge branch 'master' of
2015-03-15 Tobias MarkusMake curl a required dependency, compilation fails...
2015-03-15 Tobias MarkusFix for newly detected squirrel errors
2015-03-15 Tobias MarkusFixes for coverity #29400
2015-03-14 Wolfgang BeckerSquirrel patches can be applied again.
2015-03-14 Benjamin Leducadd RTL info
2015-03-13 Tobias MarkusRemove previously committed redundant change
2015-03-12 Tobias MarkusAdd math defines to all Win32. Fixes compilation errors...
2015-03-12 Tobias MarkusAdd explanation to rtl switch to fonts README
2015-03-12 Tobias MarkusSupport for right-to-left fonts. Set (rtl #t) in
2015-03-09 Tobias MarkusFix Tux walking backwards after automatic backflipping...
2015-03-08 Tobias MarkusFix patch application (again)
2015-03-08 Tobias MarkusMake tux and yeti dying state not reveal secret tilemaps
2015-03-08 Max Teufel.travis.yml: use gcc-4.9
2015-03-08 Max Teufel.travis.yml: use env.matrix for Debug/Release builds
2015-03-08 Max Teufel.travis.yml: reindent to ensure consistency
2015-03-07 Tobias MarkusDowngrade surface format message from warning to debug
2015-03-07 Tobias MarkusProper fix for waterfall tiles
2015-03-07 Tobias MarkusFix for images with invalid pixel formats
2015-03-07 Tobias MarkusMore verbose debug message
2015-03-07 Tobias MarkusAnother round of fixes for squirrel
2015-03-07 Tobias MarkusRemove misplaced squirrel_coverity patch
2015-03-07 Tobias MarkusFix patch application
2015-03-07 Tobias MarkusMove patch to another directory
2015-03-04 Tobias MarkusCut sound, make it a little bit lower etc.
2015-03-04 Tobias Markusbetter sound for splash effect
2015-03-04 Tobias MarkusOnly check coverity_scan branch
2015-03-03 Sydney Dykstraa few new tiles to fix issues and satisfy the Rwalltile...
2015-03-03 Tobias MarkusFix another round of squirrel coverity issues
2015-03-03 Tobias MarkusAdd another patch occurrence
2015-03-03 Tobias MarkusMove patch command to variable
2015-03-03 Tobias MarkusPatch Squirrel before starting coverity analysis
2015-03-02 Tobias MarkusAdding another round of custom snow tiles, thanks to...
2015-03-01 Tobias MarkusFix level names when language is set to auto-detect
2015-03-01 Tobias MarkusRemove bogus assert
2015-03-01 Tobias MarkusRename ice freeze level due to crash
2015-03-01 Tobias MarkusAdd name to new test level
2015-03-01 Tobias MarkusPossible fix for expression that's always false
2015-03-01 Tobias MarkusFixing a few cppcheck warnings
2015-03-01 Tobias MarkusAdd heart sign to Castle level
2015-03-01 Tobias MarkusAdd a new wall tile to tiles.strf
2015-03-01 Tobias MarkusFix syntax error reported by cppcheck
2015-03-01 Tobias MarkusRemove R sign from castle of Nolok level
2015-03-01 Tobias MarkusRevert ca83136
2015-03-01 Tobias MarkusRevert "Possible fix for coverity #29375"
2015-03-01 Tobias MarkusFix coverity issues (uninitialized members)
2015-03-01 Tobias MarkusRudimentary approach at water splash effect for badguys
2015-03-01 Sydney DykstraAdd a freeze testing level onder test levels
2015-03-01 Benjamin LeducNew sound effects
2015-02-28 Tobias MarkusRevert "Proposed fix for coverity #29372" because of...
2015-02-28 Tobias MarkusProposed fix for coverity #29372
2015-02-28 Tobias MarkusPossible fix for coverity #29375
2015-02-28 Tobias MarkusReplace sq_newslot with sq_createslot where appropriate...
2015-02-27 Tobias MarkusFix coverity #29604
2015-02-27 Tobias MarkusFix coverity #29357
2015-02-27 Tobias MarkusFix all #29358 issues
2015-02-25 Benjamin LeducFew level polish
2015-02-24 Tobias MarkusAdd current level to another debug message
2015-02-23 Tobias MarkusFix coverity #29352
2015-02-23 Tobias MarkusFix for coverity #29360
2015-02-23 Tobias MarkusFix for coverity #29369 (another further down)
2015-02-23 Tobias MarkusFix for coverity #29345
2015-02-23 Tobias MarkusFix for coverity #29369
2015-02-23 Tobias MarkusHopefully fix coverity issues
2015-02-22 Tobias MarkusFix compiler errors
2015-02-22 Tobias MarkusFix for coverity #29401
2015-02-22 Tobias MarkusFix for coverity #29402
2015-02-22 Tobias MarkusFix for coverity #29409 - Use char 0 instead of NULL
2015-02-21 Benjamin Leducadd of arabic font
2015-02-21 Benjamin Leductranslation update
2015-02-20 Tobias MarkusAdd 165your4 to supertux credits
2015-02-18 Sydney Dykstraslight tile upgrade to match existing tiles