descriptionThe lightweight contact manager
ownerFlorian Forster
last changeMon, 11 Sep 2006 21:56:14 +0000 (23:56 +0200)
2006-09-11 Florian Forsterlicom.cgi: Assume all parameters to be in UTF-8. master
2006-09-11 Florian ForsterLiCoM::Person: Encode/Decode UTF-8 sen[dt] to/from...
2006-09-11 Florian ForsterLiCoM::Group: Encode all strings as UTF-8 when sending...
2006-09-11 Florian ForsterLiCoM::Config: Read the file `licom.conf' in the script...
2006-06-15 Florian ForsterChange the layout assumed on the LDAP server.
2006-06-11 Florian ForsterBeautified the output a little: In the `list' action...
2006-06-11 Florian ForsterFix the inline-documentation: LiCoM::Person doesn't...
2006-06-11 Florian ForsterFix the group-list action.
2006-06-11 Florian ForsterFix the view non-users get when verifying their entries.
2006-06-11 Florian ForsterAdded the possibility to change a groups description.
2006-06-11 Florian ForsterMerge branch 'htmlesc'
2006-06-11 Florian ForsterDon't import `Data::Dumper'.
2006-06-11 Florian ForsterIf a value is not defined, only return an empty list...
2006-06-11 Florian ForsterEscape the output to be HTML-safe.
2006-06-11 Florian ForsterAdded an entry about version 0.3 to the ChangeLog file. Release-0.3
2006-06-11 Florian ForsterFixed typos in the ReadMe file.
16 years ago Release-0.3 Tag for the 0.3 release.
17 years ago Release-0.2
unknown Release-0.1
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16 years ago master