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ownerFlorian Forster
last changeMon, 5 Sep 2005 19:10:43 +0000 (19:10 +0000)
2005-09-05 octoFixes this bug: master
2005-06-13 octoFixed parsing problem in Parser/
2005-06-07 octoChanged version/date
2005-06-07 octoGetting ready for 0.8.2
2005-06-06 octoRemoved debug output..
2005-06-06 octoA bug in lib/Onis/Parser/ has been fixed.
2005-05-09 octoFix to not issue a warning..
2005-04-30 octo[16:14] <@_charly__> wenn ich ca 77mb logs auswerte...
2005-04-23 octoMerged specfile changes from tag Release-0.8.1
2005-04-23 octoMerged debian-fixes from tag Release-0.8.1
2005-04-23 octoGetting ready for 0.8.1
2005-04-23 octoThe config options `bar_height' and `bar_width' have...
2005-04-23 octoFixes in the packaging stuff.
2005-04-23 octoChanged stylesheets to use relative scaling for horizon...
2005-04-23 octoUse relative scaling in the main table
2005-04-22 octoReplaced wrong license file (LGPL), replaced with GPL..
unknown Release-0.8.2
unknown Release-0.8.1
unknown Release-0.8.0
14 years ago master