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ownerFlorian Forster
last changeWed, 20 Feb 2013 16:20:26 +0000 (17:20 +0100)
2013-02-20 Florian Forstershare/collection.js: Made variable names more consistent. master
2013-02-20 Florian ForsterSwitch from Highcharts to Rickshaw, which is MIT /...
2012-12-05 Florian Forstersrc/action_show_graph_json.c: Fix memory corruption.
2012-12-04 Florian Forstergraph_to_json: Export graph title.
2012-12-04 Florian Forsteraction_list_graphs_json: Remove unused variable.
2012-12-04 Florian ForsterRename "selector" to "select".
2012-06-05 Florian ForsterMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/master'
2011-12-22 Florian Forsterlist_graphs_json action: Export the selector rather...
2011-12-22 Florian Forsterlist_hosts_json action: Create an object for each host.
2011-12-21 Florian ForsterImplement the "list_hosts_json" action.
2011-12-20 Florian ForsterImplement the "list_graphs_json" action.
2011-09-05 Florian ForsterMerge pull request #1 from wshallum/master
2011-08-18 William Shallumcollection.js: use unicode escape instead of UTF8 as...
2011-01-18 Florian Forstersrc/main.c: Call FCGI_Finish() before gl_update().
2011-01-18 Florian Forstersrc/data_provider.c: Call lcc_flush() before querying...
2011-01-18 Florian ForsterBuild system: Search for and link with libcollectdclient.
13 years ago v4.0.0 Tag for version 4.0.0
11 years ago master