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ownerFlorian Forster
last changeWed, 19 Oct 2016 07:13:15 +0000 (09:13 +0200)
2016-10-19 Florian ForsterRelicense to ISC License. master
2013-07-24 Florian Forstersrc/ros.c: Use the "host" variable.
2013-07-24 Florian Forstersrc/ros.c: Check the return value of fgets().
2010-03-29 Florian ForsterBump version to 1.1.2 and update ChangeLog. librouteros-1.1.2
2010-03-29 Florian Forsterros_connect, create_socket: Free (struct addrinfo *).
2010-03-29 Florian Forsterros_query, ros_free: Free (ros_reply_t *)->status.
2010-01-04 Florian ForsterUpdated ChangeLog; Bumped version to 1.1.1 librouteros-1.1.1
2010-01-04 Florian Forstersrc/ros.c: Storage sizes are now bytes, convert frequen...
2010-01-04 Florian Forstersrc/system_resource.c: Convert kilbytes to bytes and...
2009-12-25 Florian ForsterUpdated ChangeLog; Bumped version to 1.1.0 librouteros-1.1.0
2009-12-25 Florian Forstersrc/routeros_api.h: Whitespace fix: Use tabs for indent...
2009-12-25 Florian Forstersrc/ros.c: Add options and versioning information to...
2009-12-25 Florian Forsterlibrouteros(3): Add information about versioning.
2009-12-25 Florian Forsterros(1): Add information about the "system-resource...
2009-12-23 Florian Forsterlibrouteros(3): Added documentation for "system resource".
2009-12-23 Florian Forstersrc/{ros.c,system_resource.c}: Add support for the...
10 years ago librouteros-1.1.2 Tag for version 1.1.2
10 years ago librouteros-1.1.1 Tag for version 1.1.1
10 years ago librouteros-1.1.0 Tag for version 1.1.0
10 years ago librouteros-1.0.0 Tag for version 1.0.0
10 years ago librouteros-1.0.1 Tag for version 1.0.1
10 years ago librouteros-0.2.0 Tag for version 0.2.0
10 years ago librouteros-0.1.0 Tag for version 0.1.0
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