Renaming to ntmake.PL (r1742) had unforseen side effects. At least
[rrdtool.git] /
2009-03-06 oetikerEven though POSIX/XSI requires "strerror_r" to return...
2008-12-26 oetikerInclude libgen.h to get prototype for basename in a...
2008-12-05 oetikercheck for broken implementations of msync / MS_ASYNC...
2008-12-03 oetikerintegrated rrdcached examples into build process
2008-11-18 oetikermissing , added to help string
2008-11-15 oetikerswitch tu using AS_HELP_STRING for formatting ...
2008-11-09 oetikerbe even more liberal with NOT using isfinite on solaris2.8
2008-11-08 oetikerdo not quit when libdbi is missing
2008-11-07 oetikerAs some of you may know that I have created a patch...
2008-11-02 oetikerreverting non build makefile patch ... we need to lua...
2008-11-01 oetikerdo not create the lua makefile if lua is not to be...
2008-10-26 oetikermake compilation on older OSX versios work by removing...
2008-10-20 oetiker- Lua module build and install process rewritten using...
2008-10-06 oetikerSupport to Lua 5.0 -- Fidelis Assis
2008-10-04 oetikerinitial librrd file added ... this will need more love...
2008-10-01 oetikerFixes for the following compiler warnings:
2008-09-22 oetikerI finally finished the first version of the patch ...
2008-09-22 oetikeruse default prefix for ruby install if no user defined...
2008-09-14 oetikerRRDcached patch. This implements an infrastructure...
2008-09-13 oetikerregarding #183:
2008-09-06 oetikeronly link build and use rrd_getopt if there is no getop...
2008-08-27 oetikeradded sparc-sun-solaris2.8 to list of broken isfinite...
2008-07-23 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.3.1
2008-06-10 oetikeroops it is 1.3.0 not 1.4.0 yet
2008-06-10 oetikerpreparing for 1.3
2008-06-08 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.3rc9
2008-06-08 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.3rc8
2008-06-04 oetikerenable new building for newer tcl versions
2008-06-02 oetikerupdated documentation of library versioning system
2008-06-02 oetikerHad to reset the interface version number due to the...
2008-05-31 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.3rc7
2008-05-26 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.3rc6
2008-05-25 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.3rc5
2008-05-18 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.3rc4
2008-05-18 oetikerimproved handling of libintl issues
2008-05-16 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.3rc3
2008-05-15 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.3rc2
2008-05-15 oetikerfix portability to mac osx and freebsd -- tobi
2008-05-12 oetikeradd solaris pod2man location last
2008-05-12 oetikersome changes to make things work on opensolaris 2008.05
2008-05-12 oetikerimproved handling of library versioning
2008-04-12 oetikeralter order of header inclusion for FreeBSD 4.8 compati...
2008-03-19 oetikerfix pkgconfig file name
2008-03-15 oetikerreindent
2008-02-21 oetikermake ruby obey destdir
2008-02-21 oetikermake inbternationalized version actually build
2008-02-18 oetikerAdded I18N support for messages printed by rrd_tool...
2008-02-15 oetikercheck for pdf as well
2008-02-15 oetikercheck for cairo-ps and cairo-svg explicitly
2008-02-06 oetikerready for beta 4
2008-01-14 oetikerremove c++ warnings flag .. this is not c++ after all
2008-01-14 oetiker* fixed madvise/fadvise detection
2007-12-08 oetikerfixing solaris portability
2007-11-21 oetikerfixed NetBSD spelling
2007-11-21 oetikerdefine bsd source to get access to chroot
2007-11-21 oetikermake perlbuild more portable
2007-11-20 oetikerenable madvise defines in netbsd
2007-09-11 oetikeradded msync before unmap
2007-08-03 oetikerprepare for 1.3 beta 1
2007-07-20 oetikercheck for fadvise all the time
2007-07-12 oetikerfix tcl build settup
2007-06-18 oetikerBernhard Fischer:
2007-06-15 oetikerimprove fontnaming
2007-06-11 oetiker--font-render-mode is back, and there is also
2007-06-11 oetiker* added some documentation
2007-06-10 oetikerswitched graphics library from arts to cairo+pango
2007-06-04 oetikerBernhard Fischer:
2007-05-29 oetikerMore updates from Bernhard Fischer
2007-05-25 oetikerUpdates from Bernhard Fischer rep dot nop gmail com
2007-05-24 oetikeruse proper preprocessor directives for the config-check...
2007-05-24 oetikerfixed version number for development
2007-05-23 oetiker* progress in moving all the fileaccess over to a wrapp...
2007-05-23 oetikernew trunk based on current 1.2
2007-05-22 oetikerfixed spelling
2007-05-22 oetiker* better tests for madvise, fadvise and fdatasync
2007-05-19 oetikerupdate defines according to manual pageentry
2007-05-18 oetikeradded madvise MADV_RANDOM is rrd_update uses mmap
2007-05-18 oetiker* dropping in rrd_update is probably overkill since...
2007-05-17 oetikernow the fadvise code actually compiles ... let the...
2007-05-17 oetikeradded posix_fadvise support (untested) ... this should...
2007-05-02 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.2.23
2007-05-02 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.2.22
2007-05-01 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.2.21
2007-05-01 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.2.20
2007-03-10 oetikeraxe the double quotes on $perlcc in configure to allow...
2007-03-03 oetiker* build extensions last since this seems to be most...
2007-02-08 oetikerthere is no for python anymore!
2007-02-07 oetikeruse for python install and build work instad...
2007-02-01 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.2.19
2007-01-23 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.2.18
2007-01-22 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.2.17
2007-01-20 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.2.16
2007-01-20 oetikerget ready for 1.2.16 release
2006-10-26 oetikeradded perftest tool
2006-09-27 oetikeradded ruby bindings ... thanks to Loïs LHERBIER lois...
2006-09-17 oetikerfix generation of cgi-demo.cgi -- Peter Breitenlohner...
2006-09-17 oetikermake rrdtool use rrd_config.h instead of config.h since...
2006-08-03 oetikersolaris 10 has isnan defined as a sun forte builtin...
2006-07-14 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.2.15
2006-07-14 oetikerprepare for the release of rrdtool-1.2.14